Selvin Buch – From Student to Music Teacher

My name is Selvin Eriverto Buch Méndez, originally from Panajachel, I am 21 years old. I started my musical career at the age of 16. At that time I graduated from a middle school in Panajachel. I was interested in music so I requested information from a friend of American origin here in Panajachel called Jo Lori Drake. She invited me to visit the Atitlan Music School, since at that time I did not know of it. She helped me establish the contact so that I could receive music classes and thus prepare me for the future. She knew the Percussion teacher, Carlos Cush. They communicated so that I could receive half a scholarship in my classes. At that time I began learning guitar, music and rhythmic reading. After six Months I left these classes to start learning piano with a different teacher, Oscar Borja. Now piano has become the instrument which I teach at the Atitlán Music School to children between 6 and 10 years old.

The following year I studied at a school here in Panajachel to graduate from high school in music training, when I went to study at that place I already had knowledge and preparation in certain instruments which helped me a lot. After having my bachelor’s degree in music training in 2016, I returned to school to prepare a little more and that was when Steve Ulrich, director at the time of the Atitlan Music School, proposed me to work as a student-teacher.

I am currently giving piano lessons at the Atitlán School of Music to beginners. I also receive Guitar and Piano classes inside the school to be able to develop and prepare more in the musical field.

I am very grateful with God, and with all the people who have been supporting me; especially with the Atitlán Music School for opening the doors from the first day I arrived. I always hope to give my best, both within the school and at any other place.