Roxanne Duboucheron – An Education Vacation

Our Musical Experience at Atitlan Music School

When I set out in February 2019 to plan an educational trip for my son and a few of his friends to Guatemala, I had few if any expectations as to what experiences we might have in the local schools. My son is bilingual and a musician and so I knew that I wanted to target language and music as a focal point for our trip.

I came across the Atitlan music school while browsing the Internet and looking for different educational situations. I immediately connected with the different photos on the website and began a correspondence with Steve to inquire about possible music classes. The price of the music classes was incredible and it sounded like they would be able to accommodate exactly what we needed and wanted.

My son signed up for Latin percussion and Latin piano classes while the other boys and myself signed up for various piano guitar and bass classes. We had a feeling we would need to rent some instruments as we would not be traveling with keyboards and bases and such. They were extremely accommodating and were able to rent us all the instruments that we needed to practice in between classes. Once our classes began we finally got to meet the teaching staff and we were more than ecstatic about the level of teaching in the Atitlan Music School.

My bass teacher, Ronald, was excellent at popular, Latin, and jazz music on both bass and guitar. My son’s drum teacher was extraordinary- he was both passionate and encouraging, creating the perfect learning environment. Our Latin piano class was taught by Omar. My son and I took Latin piano classes together and became well-versed in multiple styles of Latin piano. The remaining students took both beginning piano and guitar lessons and came away with a solid foundation on both instruments after nine one-hour sessions.

I cannot tell you how amazing our experience was. The teachers were warm and friendly and professional, and all came with a high level of knowledge and skill on their perspective instruments. Not only did we return with more skill and musical understanding, we literally cannot wait to get back to check in with our awesome teachers!!!