Board of Directors

The Atitlan Music School is happy to have the following individuals involved in the direction of the school.

Caroline Sinclair worked for 30+ years in (Texas) state government, higher education and for other non-profit organizations. She is currently working at being retired, with varying degrees of success. For years, she opened her home to musicians who enriched (and sometimes complicated) her life. Caroline welcomes this opportunity to be part of this worthwhile organization which brings music instruction to children and adults in Guatemala and hopes to someday visit the school. She lives in the Austin, TX area and travels to faraway lands whenever possible.

David Patterson is the CEO of Buda Treehouse Studios, a media production facility which was founded in 2001. In 2007, after 32 years of government service he retired from his day job to pursue his bliss. He is a musician who plays the violin, and at Buda Treehouse Studios he does pro bono projects as well as for-profit projects. You can see some of his media projects at:

Greg Martin is a writer and retired communications professional living in Portland, OR. He has performed music for many years in many different settings, including with Steve Ulrich and his bands.

Jordan Quenun  is a Guatemalan native and community leader. Jordan has several years of experience in the United States and Guatemala as a recording engineer and musician.

LeeAnn Atherton is a seasoned educator, songwriter, musician and community builder. She has dedicated 16yrs to music and special education within the Austin TX school district, 45 years performing and 25 years hosting the Full Moon Barn Dance.

Steve Ulrich is a songwriter/singer. He is the founding director of the music school, and he and his wife, Elisabeth Rogolsky, are committed fund raisers for the project. Steve Ulrich Singer Songwriter

Terrence (Joe) Wakely is a retired airline pilot, poet and writer. Joe is a native of St Paul Mn and presently lives in Panajachel Guatemala. During the summer months Joe operates a fishing boat on Lake Superior and is a hunter and guide during the fall. Joe has varied interests including health care, child nutrition, water treatment processes and of course music.