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Atitlán Music School

Panajachel, Guatemala note at a time!

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The Atitlan Music School has survived through the generosity of many individuals and organizations. Here is a listing of those that have been most helpful to our success

Individuals that provide monthly donations that help pay the rent
The Rizvi-Riemer Family, New York
Catherine Todd, Oxford, North Carolina and Panajachel
Jay Musovitz Portland Oregon
Caroline Sinclair, Austin Texas
Lindy and Larry Monk, Portland Oregon
Bess and Tom Conner, Heather Valley, Virginia
Elisabeth Rogolsky, Austin, Texas
People and groups that have been especially generous with time and money
Dave and Bette Sebastian at sea
Lynn Thompson Portland Or.
The Dancers of Universal Peace
Steve Brown
Kelly Agnew
Individuals that have provided the instruments that make it work
Mark Richard at Hope Haven Souix Falls SD and Chimaltenango, Guatemala
Richard Parke, Austin Tx.
Quinn Ulrich, Austin Tx.
Christiane Bird New York City
Mike Skaife Portland Or.
Astarte Sellars from the Dances of Universal Peace
Will and Melissa Carpenter, Salem Oregon
P.J. Lyles, Austin Texas
Lori Legator
Astarte Sellars Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada
Chuck and Pat Kime Austin TX
Tim Loughgrin Austin TX
Special Friends in Guatemala
The Deli
Dorothy Kethler
Carlos Cush
Jonas Popp
Karen Hermann
Organizations that have provided logistical support, and or musical instruments
Artichoke MusicArtichoke Music
Steve UlrichSteve Ulrich
Mayan FamiliesMayan Families
Salomon's PorchSalomon's Porch
Strait MusicStrait Music
Atitlan, GuatemalaLake Atitlan, Guatemala
Music venues that consistently host our events
Las Chinitas, Panajachel Guatemala
County Cork Pub, Portland Oregon
The Sahara Lounge, Austin Texas
Casa Cakckiquel, Panajachel